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Imagine a financial partner that will help you and guide you through the difficult times.

A partner to help keep you accountable, consult with you about investment products available; break-down your product/service offering as well as help you grow your business.

Well, that partner has arrived!

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Being an Entrepreneur/Freelancer is not easy, and you need to wear a lot of hats. My goal is to take you out of financial overwhelm and empower you. Giving you financial clarity and confidence liberates you and helps you grow your business. 

Small businesses

South Africa is a tough environment for any small business, the economy is volatile and the business environment is forever changing. Let’s work together to make your business robust enough to survive the next “hurricane”.

Established businesses

Your business is growing, your offering has been solidified, your track record, proven but you aren’t sure how to scale. Let me help you expand, analyse your internal and external environment and set up your business to grow and thrive.

About The Finance Dude

Hi am Lorenzo, serial entrepreneur and finance fanatic.

My passion for business started at an early age. I had just gotten my first car (a hand me down Citroën that would sometimes just cut out in mid-journey) and I always wanted the best car sound. It started as a loan from my father of around R 1000 (65 USD or so) to get my first subwoofer. I enjoyed the negotiation process so much that I sold it to someone else at a slightly higher price, therefore, making a small profit. With the profits, I would then buy speakers and sell those at a slightly higher price. I kept doing this until I had the best quality sound in my little Citroën.

Fast forward a few years, to university where I got the entrepreneurial itch and started an events company that was wildly successful and I later sold. Running my own business helped me find a passion for finance which led me to continue my studies further and enter the Chartered Financial Analyst program, which has been compared to a master’s degree in finance.

My business journey eventually led me to Portugal in 2019 where I started a luxury tourism company ( don’t believe me? Check it out, but throughout the years I have seen the massive need for individuals and businesses to bounce ideas, get assistance, and advice from someone who was a professional in business and finance.

Thus, The Finance Dude was born with the goal of helping entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses of all sizes with real practical solutions from financial budget planning, financial management training and business systems solutions. This coupled with the expertise I have in the investments and business analysis fields means I can be the perfect fit for any business-related solutions you may need.

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Get Your Shit Together

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Let's Get your shit together

This package is perfect for individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or businesses who want to move out of overwhelm and into a space of clarity and confidence.
Get 3 sessions with me tailored around your unique business and financial needs and goals.

Let's Talk Business

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Pick my brain

This package is perfect for everyone, from individuals all the way to large corporations who want to pick my brain on everything relating to business and finance; from budgeting and internal processes to investment products and options. Invest in a two-hour session with me and walk away with clarity and direction.

Business Evolution

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Business Evolution

Ready for the next step? This package is perfect for businesses of all sizes wanting to grow, create increased efficiency within their business, and or expand on their existing idea. Invest in a tailor-made package that will evolve your business or idea… Let’s aim big!

Don’t feel like any of these packages are a good fit for you? I offer much more! Let’s hop onto a free consultation call to determine how we can work together towards a better financial future.

Some Kind Words

Here’s what some of my clients have to say

Being a creative means i often have my head buried in the sand regarding my finances. I got myself into a lot of debt and was heading towards a shame spiral! Lorenzo helped me realise there is nothing to feel embarrassed about. He showed me that getting on top of my finances and having a clear financial plan was a high reward investment in myself. Both my business and personal finances are thriving thanks to him.

Alessia Pinna

Entrepreneur, Alessia Pinna Brading and lifestyle strategist

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